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Halloween 2014

Trojan Trample 2015

Thanks to all who participated in the Trojan Trample 2015 and congratulations to the winners!

Download this file (Trojan Trample Results 2015.pdf)Trojan Trample Results 2015.pdf[ ]65 kB

March Calendar of Events


3/2     Spring Sports Begins
3/5     Senior Formation Picture
3/6     Senior Class Trip
3/12   KCHS Annual Open House-BINGO theme
3/15   Trojan Trample 5K
3/17   SGA Spirit Day- Wear Green for St. Patty's Day
3/19   NAHS Soup-er Bowl Dinner
3/20   FFA Class Olympics
3/23   Chesapeake College Dual Enrollment Mtg (Rising Jrs/Srs)
3/26, 3/27  Freshmen Service Learning Trip-Echo Hill
3/26   Teacher of the Year and Support Staff of the Year Banquet
3/27, 3/28, 3/29  FM Broadcasting 41 hour air-thon
3/30, 3/31   PARCC testing- English 10
4/1     Q3 Ends
4/2-46 Spring Break

KCHS Honor Roll

Second Quarter Honor Roll


Ninth-grade honor roll: Robert Ball, Brian Blackburn, Cody Burke, DaJuan Burrell, Shemar Butler, Vincent Collins, Cassidy Deville, Adolfo Diaz, Lauren Edwards, Mackenzie Edwards, Ashley Fairgrieve, Courtney Forgan, Tristan Hague, Lily Heinefield, Terez Hicks, Deirdre Hylton, Teira Johnson, Tyson Johnson, Christopher Lobley, Patrick McColigan, Felipe Mendoza, John Moore, Jenna Novak, MacKenzie Peacok, Carley Peet, Nathaniel Phillips, Amanda Plummer, Rebecca Samuels, Skyler Snyder, Riley Stafford, Brian Usilton, Madison Walbeck, Gabriel Warner, Hailei Willin, Allie Yoder

Ninth-grade high honor roll: Sarah Abec, Anna Allspach, Zachary Argo, Drew Baker, Cora Barry, MeiAn Blatchford, Christina Bonass, Cassidy Braver, Sarah Collins, Tyler Cullum, Jordan Hickman, Aniya Jefferson, Taylor Johnston, Barbara Kilby, Kayla Luhn, Julie Macchione, Caroline MacLeod, Ashley Metzbower, Ethan Miller, Mercedes Nunemann, Silas Phillips, Lauren Pierce, Cassandra Plummer, Benjamin Price, Leticia Pulido, Allison Rameika, Monica Rosanova, Ryan Santmyer, Barnes Saunders, Levi Skinner, William Smith, Elizabeth Walters

10th-grade honor roll: Robert Ashley Pinder, Jenna Bigelow, Avery Boege, Glaeden Boyd, Andrew Carr, Sarah Cataldo, Jason Douthit, Boswana Elias, Giovani Garcia, Joshua Iseman, Kaitlyn Jones, Kamera Lewis, Samantha Morris, MyKaela Myles, Stephen Neukam, Daniel Parent, Zachary Reed, Jordan Reed, Cade Terrill, Kaci Vansant, Megan Wakefield, Aiyaunah Wright

10th-grade high honor roll: Abigail Atkinson, Destinee Barnes, Kayla Barnes, Morganne Blazejak, Manuel Camper, Abby Crockett, Mary Doyle, Loret Escobar DeLeon, Alan Haley, Shannon Haley, Audrey Helfenbein, Mary Hickman, Jordan Jachimowicz, Emily Jetton, Maggie Jones, Clarence Kulley, Jamie Nicolson, Zoe Panas, Brooklynn Scott, Melody Sharp, Madeline Taylor, Carter Wallace

11th-grade honor roll: Courtney Barnes Jacob Blyman, Ellyka Castellanos, Kyle Clayton, Brianne Hemstetter, Valeria Hernandez Rosa, Danielle Hines, Danielle Kennedy, Amber Kerstetter, Tavis Lemm, Cayla Mabry, Andrew MacLeod, Erin McGee, Rebeccaa Morris, Baxter Nickerson, John Nicolson, Austin Peet, Kareem Perkins, Jordan Perez, Matthew Strong, William Sunkler, Kayla Truxton, Tymere Valentine

11th-grade high honor roll: Margaret Allen, Katrina Bartholomew, Kaitlyn Bentley, Gavin Bethel, Nina Black, Julia Blackburn, James Ciganek, Bridget Copp, Stephen Curran, Molly Davis, Lindsey Elgin, Alexa Harich, Cecelia Hickman, Christopher Hostetler, Aleea Jacobs, Ahmani Johnson, Alexis Johnston, Zachary Kirby, Margaret Kirkpatrick, Ashley Lawton, Peyton Maristch, Allison McDonald, Racheal Nelson, Samantha Redman, Georgia Rickloff, Elizabeth Rinehart, Logan Rogers, Vanessa Rojas, Rebekah Skinner, Makenzie Williams, Lakeshia Wright

12th-grade honor roll: Michael Bennett, Danielle Blake, Abigail Bramble, Amber Bryden, Luis Cardenas Espinoza, Alli Cole, Sierra Coleman, Elizabeth Collyer, Samantha Collyer, Jhonathant Colon Sanchez, Dorian Dean, Mark Debnam, John Dierking, Danielle Dove, Anna Fairgrieve, Raymond Gill, Tabitha Hinefelt, Lauren Horsey, Joseph Johnson, Tykeya Jones, Alexa Jones, Hannah Jones, Caitlyn Kelley, Joseph Kirkpatrick, Enrique Lopez, James Martin, Kayla Moore, Ian Mulligan, Eric Pinkett, Laurie Quinn, Briara Sampson, Joeann Scalone, Justin Singleton, Autumn Somerville, Damilola Taiwo, Casey Taylor, Alexander Urie, Alexandra Vansant, Anthony Wang, Andrew Ward, Sarah Whitby, Julissa Wright

12th-grade high honor roll: Ty Anderson, Chance Brilz, Christopher Conner, Robert Cornelius, Colin Crowe, Brandon Ewing, Kaitlin Falls, Samuel Florent, Savannah Hague, Rowley Harvey, Morgan Hash, Gladye Jacquette, Jacob Jones, Rachel Jones, Alexander Jones, Megan Joyner, Patrick Lindsay, Ashton Mooday, Casey Oatley, Ashley Penny, Taylor Quigg, Jennifer Quinn, Casey Roberts, Courtney Sipes, Bailey Stafford, James Stead, Abigail Thomas, Gordon Wallace, Tyler Weinrich, Alexis Willis, Cara Wood, Justin Yerkie.

Be The Change

Be the Change Club (BTCC) @ KCHS


This club was created in response to the Kent County High School’s first Challenge Day!  We meet every Friday in Mr. Keller’s room during both lunch shifts.

Please see a member of the guidance department if you would like to join the club and Be the Change You Want to See!


Upcoming BTCC events:  See KCHS guidance department for more info!

Step 1 – Notice

Wake up. Keep your eyes open and notice what’s happening around you.


Step 2 – Choose

Once you decide to get involved in any situation, think through your list of options and alternatives for dealing with the situation. Take your time and choose the course of action you believe will best serve everyone involved.

Step 3 – Act

Once you have made a decision about what you feel would be the best way to help, take action! Now is your time to "Be the Change!"


“Be the Change” is designed to inspire peace from the inside out and to create hope while challenging individuals to find their passion for all people.

The “Be the Change” movement inspires people to notice what’s happening in the world around them, to choose actions that create positive change, and to act as a living example of the power of contribution and compassion.

By focusing on positive action, contribution and service to fellow humans, the Be the Change Movement serves as a clearing house of service ideas and inspiration for people everywhere.

“Be the Change” is a service based movement designed for youth and adults of all ages.

“Be the Change” provides immediate hope, inspiration and inclusion to every individual committed to living their lives in service to others.

“Be the Change” is a self perpetuating membership organization open to anyone who shares in it’s vision and principles.

“Be the Change” is a way of life that anyone can live in every moment.

“Be the Change” challenges it’s members to stop waiting for others to change things and to be the heroes they have been waiting for.

The “Be the Change” Movement challenges it members to commit to doing at least one intentional positive act of change each day for the benefit of others.

The “Be the Change” Movement is a movement of “attraction” and inspiration that challenges non-members to consider joining the movement and to “pay forward” any service or contribution they personally benefit from.


Be the Change Guide: Creating the School of Your Dreams

by Yvonne and Rich Dutra-St John, MFT Revised 2013 by Berenice Meza

© 2014 Challenge Day
2520 Stanwell Drive, Suite 160 Concord, California 94520



SAT information

Attention all juniors and seniors:

Sign up on collegeboard.org to take the SATs at KCHS on May 2nd.  Deadline to register is April 6th!  SATs will not be held again at KCHS until December 2015.

Kent County High School code – 211095



Liza Goetz, Kent County Public Schools Teacher of the Year




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