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(optional, 100% employee paid)

Aflac is different from health insurance. Major medical pays for doctors, hospitals, and prescriptions. Aflac is insurance for daily living. It pays cash benefits directly to you, unless otherwise assigned, to help with daily expenses due to an illness or accident. Your Aflac benefits check helps you pay for the many out-of-pocket expenses you incur when you are sick or hurt. Like the cost of transportation to and from medical facilities, parking, groceries, rent and additional child care expenses.


KCPS Rates 2020-2021 

Short Term Disability (Maternity)

Aflac is KCPS short term disability provider.  Your paycheck protection. Should you be injured off the job or become ill and cannot work, Aflac will replace a portion of your income for up to 3 months.  


Hospital Choice (Maternity)

The Hospital Choice Plan will cover Physician Visits, Hospital Confinement, Initial Hospitalization, Major Diagnostic Exams, Surgery, Rehabilitation Units, and Ground and Air Ambulance. Aflac pays cash benefits directly to you, unless assigned, regardless of any other insurance you may have. (Family coverage)


Accident Indemnity Advantage

Accidents happen to all kinds of people every day. The accident indemnity advantage insurance policy has: No deductibles and no copayments, no lifetime limit-policy won’t terminate based on number or dollar amount of claims paid, no network restrictions-you choose your own medical treatment provider, and no coordination of benefits-we pay regardless of any other insurance. Family Coverage for on & off the job injuries.


Critical Illness

If you’ve ever been out of work because of an illness, you know there are two things that are increasingly hard to come by; Peace of Mind and cash benefits. Critical Illness has no lifetime maximum, is completely portable, and is guaranteed-renewable until age 75. Heart attacks, strokes, by-pass procedures and more. (Family Coverage)



No one wants to think about cancer, but shouldn’t you consider how you and your family would manage if you were unable to work due to cancer? An Aflac Cancer policy could make a difference to your well-being, your family and your future. The Cancer policy pays benefits directly to the insured, is completely portable and is guaranteed-renewable until age 75. (Family Coverage, children are Free)


For additional information including cost and how to enroll please contact our Aflac representative:

Joseph Brzeczek

(301) 221-7947

[email protected]

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