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New members named to CAC

Citizen Advisory Committee: New members with photo of students in a hallway

ROCK HALL — The Kent County Board of Education this month named a new slate of members to the Citizen Advisory Committee. 

The committee meets publicly at least four times a year about specific issues impacting educational policy, activities and programs.

The membership comprises two representatives for each school, two at-large members, one student member from Kent County High School and two members of the Board of Education, who serve as chair and vice chair.

At its meeting Monday, May 6, the Board of Education approved the following members for the seats open at the start of the next term: 
Dan Divilio (H.H. Garnet Elementary School) 
Carole Manley (Rock Hall Elementary)
Christine Clark (Kent County Middle School)
Tishara Collins and Sara Clarke-de-Reza (Kent County High School)
Paula Reeder (at-large)
William Krastel (student member).  

The new Citizen Advisory Committee members' terms start July 1. The terms are for two years; the student member's term is for one year.

There are still three seats open on the committee, one representing Kent County Middle School and two for Galena Elementary School.

Learn more about the Citizen Advisory Committee or download an application at www.kent.k12.md.us/CitizenAdvisoryCommittee.aspx.

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