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Dr. Mary Boswell-McComas, Dr. LeTrecia Gloster and Dr. Dawn Lucarelli

With initial interview rounds complete in the search for our next Superintendent of Schools, the Kent County Board of Education has announced that the three finalists are: Dr. Mary Boswell-McComas, Dr. LeTrecia Gloster and Dr. Dawn Lucarelli. Learn more about the candidates and the search process at
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9th Grade Tracker System

Blueprint: An overview from Kent County Public Schools – w/ link

A student works a computer. The 9th Grade Tracking Process ensures readiness for post-secondary success
Maryland aspires to prepare each student to reach the benchmark College and Career Ready (CCR) by the end of Grade 10.

9th Grade Tracking Process: 
Readiness for Postsecondary Success Indicator 
One of many predictors is student performance in Grade 9. Local school systems must implement a process to track each student’s progress toward graduating high school on time (within four years), beginning with the school year 2021-22. 
Using our local management system Powerschool, students will be tracked by cohort. 
For example, students entering Grade 9 for the first time in 2021-22 will be tracked as Cohort 25, their graduation year. The on-track in 9th grade measure is the percentage of 9th-grade students earning at least four credits in any of the following core content areas:
• English language arts
• mathematics
• science
• social studies
• world language
During the scheduling process, Kent County High School (KCHS) will provide each student with the opportunity to take all five of these courses to give the best opportunity to meet the CCR benchmark. 
See below:

A breakdown of class scheduling options for a 9th grader
As we begin this process with Cohort 25, we will provide school-based staff with a list of students that meet the four of five credits from the core content areas. 
We will provide progress after Semester 1 and a final list after Semester 2. 
Along with the 9th Grade On-Time for Graduation data, the following will also be available from our End of Year Data Collection process:
• 9th Grade On-Time Graduation 
• Students by cohort
• Enrollments, transfers, and withdrawals
• Credits Earned
• Retentions 
• Habitual truants and chronic absenteeism
• Service-Learning progress
• Testing progress